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The Benefits of Kimchi

1. Anti-cancer Effects and Heavy Metal Detoxification

A. Based on her research, Professor Miri Kim (Food Nutrition Department, Chungnam National University) found that the bio-chemicals (isocyanate and sulfide) contained in vegetables such as Chinese cabbage and radish are effective in preventing cancer and detoxifying heavy metals in liver, kidney, and small intestine.

B. Professor Kun Yung Park (Department of Food & Nutrition, Pusan National University) found that:

- The red hot pepper powder (full of vitamin A and C) contained in Kimchi suppresses the growth of cancer cells.

- Fibers in Kimchi detoxify toxins that cause cancer and prevent constipation.

- The organic acid, lactobacilli, and lactic acid--which are produced during the fermentation of Kimchi --suppress harmful bacteria and stimulate beneficial bacteria, prevent constipation, clean intestines and prevent colon cancer.

C. Professor Chajun Chang (Department of Pathology, Seoul National University College of Medicine) found that:

Capsaicin, which is contained in the red hot pepper powder of Kimchi, helps reduce the chance of developing lung cancer. Allicin, chemical contained in garlic, helps reduce the chance of developing liver, stomach, and thyroid cancer. In addition, the Indole-3-Carbinol contained in Chinese cabbage helps reduce the chance of developing stomach cancer.

D. Based on his research, Professor Ahn Sik Chung (Department of Biology at KAIST, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) found that Chlorophyll in Kimchi helps prevent cells from absorbing carcinogen.

** Garlic and red hot pepper powder in Kimchi kill bacteria that cause gastritis, such as Helicobacter Pylori.

** There is no indication that the spicy substances in Kimchi aggravate ulcer and gastritis: Jung Kwon Lee, M.D. Department of Family Medicine, Samsung Hospital

2. Increasing Immunity & Anti-Cancer Effect

A. Research from the Kimchi Research Institute at Pusan National University conducted a four-week experiments to monitor the activity of immune cells:

High-Cholesterol Diet: 55%

High Cholesterol Diet+Red Hot Pepper Powder: 67%

Normal Diet: 68%

High Cholesterol Diet + Kimchi: 75%

B. Professor Rina Yu (Food and Nutrition Department, University of Ulsan) found that eating Kimchi made immune cells more active and increased the number of antibodies.

C. Transplantation of cancer cell (Observation for 3 weeks)

Normal Mouse: weight of cancer cell 4.32 g.

Mouse fed with kimchi extract: weight of cancer cell 1.98 g.

3. Helps Prevent Cardiovascular Disease, Myocardial Infarction and Hardening of the Arteries

A. The researchers at Family Medicine Department of Seoul Asan Medical Center found that eating Kimchi lowers homo-cysteine in blood that causes blood vessel diseases, such as stricture of the heart and stroke*.

*The blood test results from 670 people who visited Seoul Asan Medical Center revealed that people who ate Kimchi twice or three times a day had lower chances of having a heart attack.

B. Research team of Professor Young Sun Song (Food and Nutrition Department, Inje University)

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