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About Us
The "Taste of Korea" initiative, based in Manhattan, is sponsored by the Korean Spirit & Culture Promotion Project. 

Our aim is to introduce traditional Korean food to the world, through practical instruction, and explanations of the history and mindset behind Korean cuisine.

We hold cooking demonstrations regularly in Manhattan combined with talks on the origins of Korean food and the Korean cultural values that underpin it.

Visit this page if you would like to attend one of our classes.

About Korean Food
Korean cuisine is gaining attention throughout the world for its health benefits and delicious taste. Kimchi, for example, was nominated by Health magazine as one of the five healthiest foods in the world and features in the dishes of many international chefs.

Korean cuisine is more than just food. It also represents the culmination of wisdom and a knowledge of nature. It contains the entirety of Korean culture itself.

About Our Instructor
Our head instructor is Yonhaing Han.  Her experience in Korean food is grounded in the Buddhist tradition. Her primary training was in a remote Buddhist monastery in the Southeastern part of Korea.  She grew up learning the intricacies of Korean food from her mother, a renowned tea ceremony teacher in Korea, who also runs her own restaurant.     


She has overseen over 400 educational events in the U.S. as part of the Korean Spirit and Culture project, throughout which she has served Korean food to over 50,000 people.  She is the lead author of "Taste of Korea", a collection of recipes for beginners in Korean cookery.

Korean Spirit & Culture Promotion Project (KSCPP) is a not-for-profit organization that was formed in September 2005 to promote Korean history and culture to the wider world. The project headquarters are in Seoul, Korea, our US branch is based in New York, and we also have branches in Germany and United Kingdom. Since the project inception in 2005, we have held over 1,700 events in the United States, and over 11,000 worldwide. You can visit the KSCPP website at






Mostly plant-based

Deep philosophical roots

Excellent for diet and detoxification

Balanced diet

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