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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

- attributed to Hippocrates

Meet Our Instructor


Our head instructor is Yonhaing Han.  Her experience in Korean food is grounded in the Buddhist tradition. Her primary training was in a remote Buddhist monastery in the Southeastern part of Korea.  She grew up learning the intricacies of Korean food from her mother, a renowned tea ceremony teacher in Korea, who also runs her own restaurant.     


She has overseen over 400 educational events in the U.S. as part of the Korean Spirit and Culture project, throughout which she has served Korean food to over 50,000 people.  She is the lead author of "Taste of Korea", a collection of recipes for beginners in Korean cookery.

Visit Our Blog 


Our blog (just started) covers invaluable content on Korean Cuisine. From cooking recipes to the history of Korean dishes, the blog also aims to capture the latest scientific findings on the health benefits of Korean food.

Cooking Classes


KSCPP is actively involved in demoing the making of traditional Korean delicacies. During the demonstration, you will learn not only how to prepare Korean dishes, but also the ingredients and how to find them at the Korean supermarkets.   

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